Similer style of exporter for RS as for MSTS

I’m sure this would be difficult to implement but an exporter for KRS that functions like the one for MSTS, i.e. you fill in a few simple boxes, click a few parts when prompted and the exporter does the rest, you have a model in the sim, working as it should.

For me the largest hurdle to KRS is sorting through the mess xml files where one false move equals failure for the model to even appear in the simulator.

It’s my inability to achieve a working model in the sim that puts me off KRS, I get so frustrated trying to get it to work I just delete some of the detailed high poly parts and in a second I have it in MSTS!

That’s my suggestion anyway, maybe the current set up is fine and I just lack patience (could well be!).

Regards, Jack

Is it the blueprint editor that’s causing the problems?

Blueprints are a bit difficult to generate due to the variety and complexity of them.

However… I might ba able to do something which will help get rid of that horrible placing of coupling points and smoke points by using 3DC to update existing blueprints with position data from 3DC.

Yes the blueprint editor, I spent the best part of an hour trying to get a simple locomotive to work, I had missed a decimal on the position of the wheel set relative the middle set and by mistake put a comma, to me ages before I realised!

Anything to make it a bit more simpler would brilliant!

I on the otherhand find the Blueprints fairly easy, however I can not use that damn Gizmo thing to place couplers and or smoke.
I place the couplers by editing the bin files, the smoke I usualy just give up or aske someone else to do it

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