3D Crafter does not work

Had 3D crafter since Sept and all paid for. Can never get past the loading screen. have removed all components and reloaded it a few times but same result. Sent email for support but no response. My question is this still a functioning program with support or just a platform to take your money and give you nothing in return ?

Hi Johnny,

Yep – pretty frustrating all around – we’ve been left to fend for ourselves… I don’t think Richard has posted in more than a year… That said – what’s going on ? I’ve loaded and used 3DC on machines from XP to Win7x64… Which version of 3DC are you trying to load on which OS ??? Have you tried turning UAC off – install as “admin” ? Maybe try installing it in a directory outside of “Program Files” ? If it fails on the load screen – it’s not even getting to the point where you need to enter your license key…


Oh wait – there is a new updated version released just a short time ago – wow…

Maybe there is a spark of life left in this old site after all…


Hi there,

where is this spark of life?
Just bought on friday, Dec. 13th 2013 a copy of 3DCrafter pro to replace my old 3DCanvas.
The money is already taken by SWREG.
Up to now, I didn´t receive any license code, although I left a message for support.
The downloaded freeware 3DCrafter is running fine on my PC but I need the TrainSim functionality.
Best regards

Bernd K. Diehl (BeeKay)

Hi BeeKay
I have no idea. I got one step further than you I guess……. I had the free version to take a look, liked what I saw some time later paid the upgrade Received license key but as I was doing transaction I noticed the upgraded version available so downloaded and now it won’t open at all to put the Lic key in
In your case might pay to check your spam box and see if it did not end up in there as if it has link involved these email systems are taking over and deciding whats best for us LOL

I sent back to you about my OS it was The latest version of Crafter plus and its on windows 7 32 bit. The update you have referred to above was where my problems started 🙁

Hi JohnnyG1,

just checked again all e-mails and spam folders.
No, nothing.
So I have to wait.
Fortunately I can still use 3DCanvas 7.2 for my business.


For what it’s worth and not that it helps, v9.2 build 1946 works – at least some of the time (* below) – on my Win7/64bit home premium set up. Licence code came from SWREG ( two separate emails if I recall correctly). This was an upgrade from V7 so maybe a different experience. The latest release has been commented here and elsewhere as having other issues, so the general disappointment continues unfortunately.

Decapod/Paul Gausden has ( I think ) suggested clearing registry entries for 3DCrafter and reinstalling. May be worth looking for that advice?

Also, v7 and v9 coexist OK on my machine, but moving models ‘forward’ is hit and miss. Moving backwards isn’t an option.

* V9.2 The system crashes on some operations – like multiple divides. On the ( slight) plus side, it does seem to recover the scene OK. It also hangs up (‘…not responding’) for a while from time to time, last noticed when locking several objects. The trainsim exporter also variously shifts and deranges the model unless you’re very careful

When you purchased the software you should have been sent two email (if using PayPal). The first would be from PayPal the second from SWREG which would be billing info and the key is on there.*If using credit card possibly only the one. If not then something went wrong with the transaction. I would not wait as you paid for a product that you have not received send email to the link below with your transaction details either PayPal order number or JUST your name, email address used and date you purchased the product and ask for your key.
Regards Johnny

This email address was taken from the Billing info containing my license key


you are my hero and you made my day…. better night (it´s 2 am here in Europe).
I e-mailed SWREG support and 5 minutes later they have sent me the cardquery link to solve my problem.
Now I have the code and I already tested the 3DCrafter and it works just fine for me.
The material manager looks good.
Will further test everything to replace my good old 3DCanvas.

Thanks a lot to all who helped me and have a nice holiday time.

Best regards

Bernd (BeeKay)

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