Crashing when using operation adjust tool

For the past three versions of 3DC I have had this problem. If I apply a material to a face and then use the operation adjust tool I have to compact the shape layers every time or the program crashes. I get errors such as #9, #30009, #21474784. When the program reloads and asks if I want to attempt to recover my document it crashes without reloading if I say yes. If I say no and then open my document in 3DC it will open.

I am using WIN7 64 and have always used Nvidia cards which may be the problem. It is very frustrating because it is not always easy to remember to compact the layers after every operation adjust.

I am experiencing a variant of this problem. In my case, after I use the operation adjust tool to tile a texture on a face and then try to apply a different texture to another face on the same object, one of two things can happen – either the original adjustment is lost and the material reverts to its original state (i.e. tiling is lost) or a previously applied texture just disappears. In addition, it seems to be impossible to do two operation adjustments to different faces on an object. Compacting the object before the second operation adjustment has no effect, the original adjustment is still lost. I have also found that remapping any face of an object also causes tiling on a different face of the same object to be lost.

Have others experienced these issues?



Although I have had Crafter for some time now, I found that there were a few problems with it and I was not too happy with the way some of the new operations work. I have, therefore, stuck with Canvas which works exceptionally well on Windows 7 with very few problems.

I have been looking to move on to Crafter as there are some new features that are useful but the problem that bothers me the most is exactly as described by BFM above. Painting onto a face with a selection from a texture sheet, using the adjust tool to get it positioned right and then moving on to another face to do same thing almost always results in the previous face completely losing its texture and in some cases, textures painted and adjusted before that also disappear leaving the model with a patchwork of textured and untextured faces.

Is there any way to Lock a texture in place after being applied and adjusted?

The only way to make a texture stick seems to be to NOT use the adjustment tool and ensure that the selection is just the right size but that does not help with a tiled texture spanning a long wall that has to be adjusted unless the long wall is split up into many faces.


You must use the “Optimize Shape Geometry” tool on the adjusted object after each adjustment. This locks the texture before using the adjust tool again.

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Hi Jim

Looking at the tip from tinhare3 about compacting the layers after every adjustment. This does seem to work reasonably consistently until, as he describes, the program crashes or at least appears to crash. The effect seems much like the problem with Canvas where just a few adjustments with the UV Re-Map tool can bring the program to a standstill until the compact all routine is run. The program appears to have crashed but in fact is running very, very slowly.

I have not fully checked out the Optimise Shape Geometry Tool yet but will check that out later.

It is a great shame that these problems exist in Crafter as it is really a nice program to use and the new features would be a significant advancement on Canvas if they all worked reliably.

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Hi Jim

I have played around with this and I cannot get the Optimise Shape Geometry Tool to make the texture stick and the program crashes sometimes using this BUT I have been able to get a consistent and stable result using the Optimise option from the drop down Window File menu after every texture adjustment. A bit of pain to do this after every adjustment but at least I can now progress to something a bit more complex.

The Optimise Shape Geometry Tool works fine in Crafter 9.2. Does the same thing as the full Optimize but only on the selected object. Only takes a second or so and the textures locked. Could not model if I had to use optimize after every texture adjustment.

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