Problems deleting a rogue Library object

…in the mail as I type… It should get through as it zipped to 400K from 2.5MB

I’ve sent 3DC.clo – is this the correct file? I was using the default library. Do you want me to send one of the 3do files that I exported which went wrong?



I tried to export a textured object as a 3do file, and then added it to the library. This seems to confuse the system and the object will not work (it’s invisible). I cannot now delete them from the library as I get an unrecoverable error… etc… if I try to.

any ideas? Is there some file I can edit to remove manually?

Also – what I am building is a steam loco – and I have the wheelset and animation on 1 3dc file, the textured body on another and I want to amalgamate them. (hence the errors found above). Is there any way I can do this? The animation/wheelset consists of many objects but the textured body is all one (very extruded) object.


Oh – forget the second question. Doh! I just cut and paste between 3dc files if I want to transfer! Still can’t get round the first problem though!

Just tried the wizard for the first time – it’s great! I have lots of tweaking to do now but it’s looking good so far!


As you might guess, I would like to have that object library. Is it something you can send (<!– e –><a href=""></a><!– e –>)? Make sure you zip it first or it might not go through (too large)

Also, if the other objects in the object library are still OK, you can copy the objects to a scene, create a new object library, and add the non-rougue objects to the new library. Then you can just turf the broken one.

But I would really like to get that broken library, if you can send it.


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