Object library background color (Available in 3DC 7.

Actually, Elojikal, I work this way too, and your suggestions (ooh, labels and version notes!), and Paul Gausden’s suggestion about choice of library background color would be high on my wishlist.

Closely related (in my mind anyway) would be the ability to set the background color of the editing windows, and have it remain until one decides to change it.. not too much joy in having to reset one’s desired color at every startup of the software.

It is natural in development that the greatest emphasis is placed on functionality, but customizations of the user interface can greatly enhance working comfort and increase efficiency.

Before I forget….

Most of my objects in the library are pale colored. On my laptop they are almost impossible to see

– any chance of a library background color option somewhere?

I second this request. I know I asked for it ages ago, but maybe that rquest got stale.

We should have an option to change it to various colors to improve contrast.


I would also like the object library to display tooltips showing the name of the object the cursor is hovering over.

Taking this further I would like adding power in the archiving of objects. I often use object libraries as a sort of ‘scratch board’ saving several versions of a part that I’m working on to a library until I am satisfied with the final thing. It would be good when adding an object to an object library to be able to add an annotation and timestamp to the object – again displayed in a tooltip by hovering the cursor over an object.

Currently my only way of distinguishing between different versions of an object within a library is by flood filling the objects with a different colour for each version.

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