Not trying to sound pushy…

Thanks Richard.

…but are there plans to make more official? is the only version I can use now that I have a current day video card. Little things like not being able to double click files to open them in 3DC or working from a nonstadard directory and such are starting to make me twitchy.

heehee… yeah… and maybe a release date for v7:)

I’ld prefer to use too… but have went back a version.. the reason I like 6.610 is that you can keep your selections when swaping from diferent renderings.. like from wire to hard… very handy if you’ve spent some time selecting alot of faces or what ever…


Right there are a number of things I really like about (The primary one is that it’s the one that works on my system without graphic gltches)

I consider it quite stable though I’ve found it to be somewhat *slower* at times.

There is no plan to make 6.6 the preferred release. But, there are some change of plans regarding upcoming releases. Check the announcements forum for more information.


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