Need Curve in Roofline

I forgot a step on previous message. andnbsp;After you extrude, use the face select tool to select the face that makes the bottom of the roof. andnbsp;Then lock your axis and scale, etc…


Richard… I’m trying to add a slight curve to the roofline of this station model. How do I achieve this effect. andnbsp;Am attaching JPG images to show what I am attempting. andnbsp;

I’d probably try using the *extrude* function. Basically you need an adjustment point on the roofline to change the pitch of the roof. If nothing else, extrude would give you a small lip you could adjust as needed using the *shift* function.

I’d probably avoid using *divide* since you will get the adjustment points but the results might be more trouble than you want.

Just to add to the previous message, I would extrude 3 feet of whatever units you need, then lock my Y-axis and the x or z, leaving just one moveable. andnbsp;Then use the Scale operation, by sliding the mouse on the bottom right triangles in the shaded area until it is the shape you want. andnbsp;Then turn your view 90 degrees and do the other axis. andnbsp;Don’t forget to lock the previous axis and unlock the new one.

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