Import of COLLADA (.dae) and GoogleEarth (.kmz) files

There are many cases where it would be very useful to bring in either COLLADA (.dae) or GoogleEarth (.kmz) files for use in 3DC. This would allow import of some Sketchup 7 models for further improvement in 3DC before importing into Railworks. In particular, importing somef the 100’s of public models from the Google 3D Warehouse as templates for developing 3DC models of scenery objects could save a lot of time in developing the numerous objects that are often needed for a railway route development project. This would be particularly useful since the current state of Railworks has very little US scenery content which has created a vacuum of sorts that this addition would help to alleviate. The .dae and .kmz formats are currently able to be exported from the free version of Sketchup if the free add-on is implemented.

2 and a half years on and still no import for Collada(.dae) import,and it looks like i’ll have to reconsider buying a piece of software that does….

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