I want to turn off ballistic zoom

Ok, on your advice I took a closer look at my system(s). It turns out that a combination of a) Old Video Drivers
b) Background services I was no longer using

… possibly conspired against me to give me intermittent processor interruptions I hadn’t really noticed before.

The jury is still out… but at least it doesn’t look like a feature I don’t like as much anymore… time will tell.

Ok, I’m sure someone likes this feature so I apologize in advance. In version 7, there is a zoom multiplier behavior that seems to exponentially increase the zoom speed the more I move the view with the widget tool.

For me, just as I get close to what I’m zooming in on… my view goes ballistally off into space… like 50 meters away from where I was just a second ago. Clearly, my old way of working is impacting my results… but I want a way to turn it off and on versus always on. Please?

It’s not just ZOOM that is doing this… panning around the scene does this too… it’s really messing me up.

I’m not sure what’s causing this but I don’t know that it’s just a part of 3DC. I had a similar problem develop with an earlier version of 3DC that was driving me nuts as well. I got around it by moving little bits at a time. I eventually ‘cured’ it with an upgraded system and the latest 3DC. I suspect it happens when system resources start getting low and/or the model starts getting huge. Just suspicions though, I’m not a programmer so I don’t know what it actually is or what to do about it.

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