Export fail (Resolved)

I believe I have this resolved for 8.1.8.

This is new. Just installed latest Version 8. Not used 8 yet at all. Went to export using wizard to MSTS… and I get a export failed/contact Amabilis… so I don’t have a clear idea why.

These are models that used to export fine in 7.120.

Any clues?

I just fixed something similar to this. I just haven’t released it yet.

I’ll move this to the ‘bugs’ section in a little while.

No sweat. I can wait. I’ll just revert back to 7.12 for a bit longer.

…and I just did a step to re-confirm that when 7.12 is back on the system… the trainworks export works fine for the models I tried that failed in 8.

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