3D engine is Blitz 3D
Textures now with Phototshop
Lightmaps with Gile
Unwraps with Ultimate Unwrap 3D
Boned animations with Fragmotion.


Just about got this wrapped up…I needed somewhere for the crew of the Morpheus to get some RandR.
Mike(Bladerunner) is having a go at a Blade Runner type scene..I just pinched some ideas from the movie for a city scene…somewhere to beam down to from the Morpheus.
Daylight is non existent…it’s a real murky place.

Took ages to do all the signs for the street scene..ran out of ideas for names for all the stores etc so there are a few familiar ones….
Mikes Place…Blaydrnnnr
Rick’s Bar and Grill…That other Richard
St. James Hotel…Polybuilder
Pattersons Food Market….Les
3DC Technologies…guess who
Bazza’s Pool Parlour….Me

Anyway here’s a long shot looking down the main street….Mikes Place is on the left… Traffic is a bit of a muchness at the moment…need to get some more vehicles built and do some work on the textures.
Vehicles can fly as well as operate at street level…when I first wrote the code for this I had everything on the wrong side of the road….UK style…what a dipstick I am.

Info …All models apart from the weapon built with 3DC
Used Ultimate Unwrap 3D to unwrap the vehicles and PSP for the textures
Lightmapped with Gile
Code and fog/mist effects done with Blitz3D

One more street scene showing one of the security checkpoints…Just a crafty way of deleting one scene and loading the next as the player passes through a checkpoint.
Bazza’s Pool Parlour is across the street…the Computer sign on the left is part of the 3DC Technology building
and the food sign belongs to Patterson’s Food Market

About halfway down the street you find the St. James Hotel….I didn’t want to build the interior with a well laid out,
five star hotel look. So went for the dirty, run down appearence…it’s open for business but under repair.
Much more interesting to model and texture using this approach.
Here’s a pic of part of the lobby area..looks like the builders have already started work…hope James has plenty of cash, could be expensive

Off the lobby is a large kitchen area….it reallly does look disgusting…don’t eat at this place if you value your health.

From the kitchen you can gain access to the rear of the building and the alleyways. I enjoyed doing these.
I built, textured and lightmapped one alley section….loaded it into Blitz and made three extra copies which were then positioned to create quite a maze of alleys…easy to get lost.

Back In the hotel you can take the elevator to the other floors…here’s one of the corridors from the second floor.
Loads of guest rooms but once again…all in a state of disarray

In one of the rooms the outer wall has collapsed completly…gives you a room with a view

I won’t bore you with the penthouse suite…..much the same as the rest really with a better class of rubbish.
However if you take the flight of stairs you can gain access to the roof…another foggy/misty scene with loads of places for bad guys to hide.
James is creating an alien creature thingie that will habitate this roof scene…It evidently spits out some kind of green slime when it gets annoyed…bit like my wife really

The basement has a parking lot and maintainence room…loads of passges here….here’s a pic from an area of the maintainence room.

Last one….So there you are enjoying your RandR when your services are required to sort out some bad guys.
Press F1 to bring up the pistol and off you go.
The pistol isn’t mine…got it from the Psionic site….really nice piece of work…I’ll get round to building my own someday.
It’s not intended to be a shooter game/demo…the shooting part is optional…it’s just an add on for my Morpheus scenes…can be added to as I wish.

Thats it…about 4 months work I should think.

Thanks to Mike and That other Richard for all the info supplied re city blocks in the USA and road markings etc.
I asked Mike about road markings…he sent me a mail describing just about every possible combination of traffic movement and line markings…hope I got this right.
He didn’t mention anything about markings for flying vehicles though.
BUT….it’s not in the USA…it’s on one of the planets in Red sector, quadrant three…Vega system. It just happens to look like a city in the USA…thats my excuse if I got it wrong.

I was delighted when I spotted these screenshots!:) Great work, it’s coming along really well. Alot of work, but in 4 months and most of it on your tod, it very good going!!. There’s a few in there I havn’t seen before too.
It’s nice to see some more work being shared with the other members. I must post something soon myself, been a bit busy lately.
Great work Bazza, keep it up buddy:)


Nice work Baz – especially the textures. (I just hope it is not all going to be wasted when (if ?) Mrs Bazza reads ‘It evidently spits out some kind of green slime when it gets annoyed…bit like my wife really’ ! <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –> )

Great work Bazza! As usual.. top notch my friend! Things are really coming together well. You’ve spent so much time on this project, and it shows. As James said.. I dont know how you manage to do it all.. the models, the textures and the code.. its amazing. And still find time to be a huge help to all of us. Cant wait to see the demo in action! Again, great work Bazza, and keep it coming! ( My boys said to tell you they want to play!);)

Thanks guys…..
James…about time you posted some of your figure screenshots plus a rundown on the procedures…I’m sure everyone would be interested in how it’s done

Mike..Just got to do some work with the code…need to get the elevator code written and the pistol to create some bullet holes at whatever you fire at….early next week should see it done.

Alan…nice to see you back on the forums…thought you’d deserted us.
Sorry I missed you off the list, but the rules are that if you want to get your name in lights in this project you have to contribute something.
However, knowing your averesion to low poly models, (cubes with only 24 faces etc LOL) I’ve wavered this rule in your case…aren’t I kind.

I couldn’t think of a business you may be interested in so thought this would do…you’re in between Bazza’z Pool Parlour and one of the security checkpoints….you could get arrested.

Can’t wait to model the inside of this place. I can just see James frothing at the mouth, dreaming up some animated figures. Big grin.
Mike it will be off limits to your boys…HeHeHe

Anyone having problems with the smilies or is it just me.


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