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I’ll check it all out tomorrow or first chance……got to go to work very very early…..LOL

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You can select multiple faces in a single object before running a plugin, and these could be converted into new objects (see my Face Split plugin)
These new objects could also be split further by adding random points.
You would then just need to apply the burst operation to create an explosive effect.

Something to ponder….

funny farm, KB? andnbsp;That explains the food.

As far as I know component and group scripts are only saved with the objects they affect during animation. andnbsp;This is andnbsp;a nuisance if you want to copy and paste them, but I don’t use them enought to complain.

Normal modelling scripts need different first statements as you’ve discovered. andnbsp;Read the first page of the help file if this doesn’t make sense. andnbsp;I wrote some tutorials once, and I think the link is still on Amabalis site. andnbsp;Been meaning to update it…

To delay the start you could change the Setposition statement to include andnbsp;a different formula, or put it inside

if Time]15 andnbsp;SetPosition….

make sense

Yes, it does make sense-that worries me- ;D
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On Les for distracting me

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Voila my solution.

Note problems I know about

The copy of the model isn’t correct.
Only works for 10 fragments.

Things for you lot to improve:
Add the normals to the copy:
Make the fragment sizes different – at the moment they are just equal fractions of the whole object

Now where’s my drink?

Thanks a million…… ;D I owe you more than a drink for that one. Looks like maybe its just what I needed.

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Les andnbsp; ;D ;D

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there are debugging and improvements to do before you start, probably. andnbsp;I keep thinking of things.

The formula for exploding needs some thought – I made something up on the fly. andnbsp;A spherical spread should be easy, but how do you make sure objects fly away from the centre, instead of through it as some objects probably do at the moment?

You could make them spin.
Non-linear velocity would be needed if you blow up in an atmosphere.
Non-circular spread if you blow up on the ground, next to a wall…
Some of the objects might like to be attractive to gravity.
A detached engine might like to continue on it’s way.
A second explosion of one of the fragments.
Animate the textures to simulate burning.

Good weekend, eh?

Top bwana Richard said in next version users could create operations – and operations can be animated. andnbsp;Maybe that will provide more control. andnbsp;Is he listening? andnbsp;Is this true?


I really want to know if in the future 3DC Pro will be provided with some script recording function ( as macro recording in MS Excel) this would be helpfull for animating objects at same way for example walking charachters, running charachters, kicking charachters, etc …

this would have as result that you wil win time in animating different object with same bone name in same bone group and upper group the only restriction is that you have to use one and only skeleton

because I’m not so familiar with vb script which looks very much to c++

interesting question. andnbsp;ask it in a new thread and catch the eye of important people.

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