Extruding a scene..Part 3

there is just something wrong with this file i loaded some other 3dc models into gile and they loaded perfect…i still need some help with gile if you get time to make me a tutorial i would appreciate it….here is the pic you wanted…pirate


Ok…Looking at the Model Panel window in the pic I would say you exported this file from 3DC using the File menu and then selecting Exort and Direct X.

This isn’t really the way to do it, although you can if you wish and it may be causing the problem you are having.

When you Export from 3DC like this using the File menu…Export. You export the whole scene with all the groups and hierarchy structure as seperate objects. You really don’t need all this info in the file, only if you were exporting the scene to another modeler would you need this. Importing the scene in this way into Giles will just clutter up the hierarchy panel.

There are three differnt ways you can export a .x file from 3DC…they all have a different purpose. The above is one of the ways but as mentioned it’s really used to export to another modeler.

The other two ways are…
1) You Right click on a model and from the drop down menu choose Export Selection and DirectX Object…this exports the model as a single combined object without all the group information. This is the normal way to export a model from 3DC for use in other apps such as Giles and DBpro.

If you have a large model/scene like this one, before you export using the above method, you need to arrange the hierarchy in 3Dc so you have a parent object and all other parts of the model are made children of this parent. You select the parent object, then Right click
on it, from the drop down menu you choose Select Hierarchy, the whole model will be selected.
Next you Right click the parent object again and from the drop down menu choose Export Selection and DirectX Object.

The other method is for exporting Direct x animation files but I won’t go through that just now.

I should have the first part of the Giles tut ready in a couple of days.


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