Empty created mdl file

OK, thanks for the reply. If YOU don’t have an immediate answer, then I don’t feel so bad. I know you’re a busy man, so take your time. I’ll wait patiently.

Here’s my first attempt at creating a simple scenery model with night time textures.

It is all down to the FS10 Material options.
Run the FS10 material plugin on a selected object.
Go to the emissive properties tab.
Change the blend mode to ‘Additive Night Time Only’
Press the emissive texture button and select the night time light map texture file.

(I then used the material manager plugin to copy the FS10 custom material field to the other objects in 3DC)

Here’s my sample project (3DC 7.1.2)

<!– m –><a class="postlink" href="http://cid-06b528339820717e.sk…dels/hw">http://cid-06b528339820717e.sk…dels/hw</a>&lt;!– m –>^_vickers.zip

The _LM or _night part of the file names are just a convention, not mandatory.

Great! Looks like that’s what I need. This kind of info needs to be added to the Help contents. I feel that there’s too much info taken for granted that makes some of us novices just give up. As I’ve seen in other discussion comments, the information provided program users is very lacking. Thanks again!

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