BB17000 (engine with 3D cab)

Just a little note to dick8299:
Thanks, that was the problem.

I’ll give some details later (I have to cure a ‘Train derailment due to consist tilt’. It might be because of the collision box).

No change on the texture problem.

So here is a correct mapping between the 3DC shapes and RW blueprints:

After comparing a screenshot of BR294 and one of its texture w/ specular and normal map, I noticed that the image in the texture file is darker than the screenshot.
So, after adjusting brightness to -60 in Gimp Brightness-Contrast tool on my tga files, here is the encouraging result below.
Now, I’ll start adding more details and add the 3D cab.

(image removed)

I managed to have the 3D cab into the game… but its a few meters away in my back, sitting on the ground.


The driver position is correct.
Changing value in ‘*cab camera.xml’ will change the driver view but not the cab position.

I tried without success moving the cab in 3DC (higher, for example) and setting a hierarchy such as:

[pre class=’ip-ubbcode-code-pre[/img]

|___ several objects of the cab
|___ cab
|___ one object
[pre class=’ip-ubbcode-code-pre[/img]

|___ several objects of the cab
|___ 1_0000_cab
|___ one object

So now, I’m hoping someone could help on this. <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>

I am hoping that my response is in line with your question.

I think you are trying to get the cabview for your engine set up.

To do so you export your cabview model as a separate igs file, and then reference it in the engine blueprint along with a cabview camera blueprint.

Here is an example from one of my engines:

andlt;InteriorGeometryID d:type=’cDeltaString’andgt;RHamAddonRailVehiclesDieselEMD SW1SouthernCabView[00]EMD SW1 Cabviewandlt;/InteriorGeometryIDandgt;
andlt;NumberOfCabs d:type=’cDeltaString’andgt;eSingleCabandlt;/NumberOfCabsandgt;
andlt;Provider d:type=’cDeltaString’andgt;RHamandlt;/Providerandgt;
andlt;Product d:type=’cDeltaString’andgt;Addonandlt;/Productandgt;
andlt;BlueprintID d:type=’cDeltaString’andgt;RailVehiclesDieselEMD SW1SouthernEngineCab camera EMD SW1.xmlandlt;/BlueprintIDandgt;
andlt;Provider d:type=’cDeltaString’andgt;Kujuandlt;/Providerandgt;
andlt;Product d:type=’cDeltaString’andgt;RailSimulatorUSandlt;/Productandgt;
andlt;BlueprintID d:type=’cDeltaString’andgt;AudioRailVehiclesDieselSD40CabSD40 Cab Occlusion.xmlandlt;/BlueprintIDandgt;

Here is a link to the tutorials for making an engine, in case you have not read this yet. You can ignore most of the steps for creating the model as they were set up for 3DSMax.

<!– m –><a class="postlink" href="…x.php?page_ref_id=53">…x.php?page_ref_id=53</a>&lt;!– m –>

If you in fact weren’t looking for this information, I apologize.

The problem is that the cab is displayed but not at the correct position.

I had a reply from DarrenCarter on uktrainsim:
it’s an axis pivot problem.

Now, I remember having to change the axis pivot of the outside body… that was something like 2 years ago.

[b:2u3du048]As the next step is to add cab controls and sounds, are there some links, information other than official documentation?[/b:2u3du048]

Currently, with the help of HondaWizard and Vlado, I managed to have lights working.

I’m using export option ‘no distance levels’ with a hierarchy like:
[pre class=’ip-ubbcode-code-pre[/img]

+— Main
+—- 1_0100_Detail
+—- 2_0500_Detail
+—- OtherGroup
(from [img:2u3du048]http&#58;//amabilis&#46;com/forumattachments/a/tpc/f/50410947331/m/101109951[/img:2u3du048]
Paul’s topic ‘Rail Sim LOD export’

It’s nice that the exporter takes care of the actual object naming for RW2 just by gathering objects under a group name indicating its LOD value.

I set with RW_Tools the main textures values for SPECULARPOWER to 3.0000 (instead of 0) and for CUSTOMPARAM0 to 32.0000 (instead of 0).


Some in game screenshots:







Apart from sound addition, I added projected light and missing needles:



I should be able to start cab animation.

I added some 3D objects, pantograph animation, cab animation… still things to do in the lua script…




Hi Dom,

Some real fine modeling there – sir… What is that though – a double decker passenger carrying locomotive that pulls normal passenger cars behind it ??? Those are bi-level windows down the side ???


Hello Scott,

I’m not sure I quite get your questions.

If it’s about the square shapes (17 on one row and 4 on the second row) it’s for engine cooling. The engine pulls normal passenger cars. like this one:

(I made the passenger cars a long time ago for msts. I’m going to make a simple transfer to RW2 as I’ve other projects I prefer to do first than upgrading these cars).

Hi Dom,

You answered my question – thanks – if it doesn’t have steam driving it and is more that 60 years old – I’m a bit out of my element… It really is some fantastic modeling and great attention to detail… I’d like to have one of my steam cabs that finely detailed… Keep up the good work…


I made a 2.0 version available for download on <!– m –><a class="postlink" href=""></a>&lt;!– m –>?




well heck, I wish I had listened in french class all those years (YEARS) ago. Damn nice model that, is there a english link on that site some place to download it Dom??? Please.


With the zip file to download, I made a pdf file in both french and english. So once you get the file, it should be no problem for you.
The direct link to the file is
<!– m –><a class="postlink" href=""></a>&lt;!– m –>
and click on the button &quot;Télécharger maintenant&quot;.

… but to get there, I’m quite sure that you need to register to the forum. It should not be difficult to do I think.

On top of the page, you’ll see &quot;Bienvenue invité ( Connexion | Inscription ) &quot;. Click on &quot;Inscription&quot;.
Then check the box with &quot;J’ai lu, compris et j’accepte ces termes et conditions&quot; (which means, you’ve read and accepted the forum rules) and click on the button &quot;Enregistrez-vous&quot;.
Then you have the usual fields:
Nom d’utilisateur (username)
Mot de passe (password)
Adresse e-mail (email address!)
Then 2 slots for anti-bot registration (&quot;Inscription Anti Robot&quot;, type the digits between double quotes and &quot;Confirmation du code de sécurité&quot;, type the displayed security code)
Then click the button &quot;Soumettre l’inscription&quot; (submit registration).
I believe the next step is a link in your mail to activate the account.

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