Wacoms and 3d canvas

Right, that is the prob i am running into to… it works fine in Photoshop and trainsim mod, but 3dc is like using it on meth…lol.
like i said the mouse works fine but i am so use to the pen now that a mouse is just obscure to me.
thanks for the answers BTW.

Does anyone have any input on why a wacom pen does not work in 3DC, yet the wacom mouse does? The pen makes the 3d windows unrotatable [makin’ up words today] while the mouse rotates them just fine. I have played with the wacom settings and pressure sensitivity but nothing seems to help. Using the wacom mouse is useless to me now as I have been using the pen for over a year now… also i searched the forums and 1 wacom hit comes up from 2003.

Hi Peter,

I hadn’t thought of using my tablet for 3DC – I have enough trouble using it with a paint prog.
I can’t remember which one I’ve got – I’ll see if I can get it working tonight.

Not sure why but I’ve never been able to get the pen to work with 3DC…it seems to be far to sensitive, but I only use the pen for drawing and painting in a paint app.

I still use the tablet for 3DC but use the mouse.


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