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Hi Nick

You didn’t mention which sites you want links to – you can just let me know here,

[i:39jyeuqb][b:39jyeuqb]but even better[/b:39jyeuqb][/i:39jyeuqb], please request to join the [img:39jyeuqb][/img:39jyeuqb]
3DC Resource
and you can set them up yourself, which is the main intention of the wiki (i.e. it’s not just mine – and in any case I don’t know enough or have enough time to do it alone.. that was never the idea) this way you could add any links and content you think could be helpful, and especially you could make sure the MSTS related info and links are included, and perhaps add to the wiki from time to time.

(I noticed in another thread, that you have a page with all the videos embedded, and perhaps that would be a better link than the ones I set up?)

In any case, I’ll add an MSTS page (which you could rename if need be) and tutorials will be listed both on specific pages like MSTS or Plug-ins, etc and on the Tutorials page (for all tutorials).

Edit: I added a Trains page, (which can be renamed) to which can be added links to MSTS and other train sim / virtual rail – related links.
Can easily add more, specific pages also. ^_^

i don’t know if everyone seen the post by paul gausden in the microsoft train simulator forum but if you new guys have not watched these videos you can learn a lot about 3DC and not just for trains…paul i’m not trying to steal your post just putting out there for people that model games and not trains..
enjoy, pirate

video tutorials

They are also available on YouTube.

@ nickeax;

I very much enjoyed your video tutorials, even though I’m not making anything for MSTS! ^_^

I have placed links to all 20 of these YouTube Tutorials on the Tutorials page of the [img:13cml24m][/img:13cml24m]
3DC Resource

In doing so I discovered that no.3e (per your cover screen) is actually labeled by YouTube as 2e. (shown correctly at 3DCR). Don’t know if you (or they) can correct this and prevent confusion.

Many thanks for the great tutorial – I learn more from it with each new viewing.

Edit: [i:13cml24m]Please let me know if you would like your website url to be added as a link to your id tag (where you are credited with the tutorial) and if you’d like to join the wiki, to add more content, please just leave a request[/i:13cml24m]

I’m glad you found the tutes useful, [b:3nbza06a]Butterpaw[/b:3nbza06a], and thanks for spotting the labeling error, it’s been fixed now.

If you could link my site, that would be good, thanks.

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