v10 Beta 3 Available

Thanks Paul. Originally I couldn’t find a way to have the exporters listed separately, but I think I “might” have a way now. I’ll try.

I’ll look at the other issues too. Should be possible to restore the F-keys

I just released a bug-fix.

Outstanding Issues:
o) shortcut on start menu sometimes not being created
o) Snapshot and Video recording do not work properly
o) Properites panel does not automatically open when the right-click “Properties” is selected.

There are definitely still other issues that haven’t been reported. I’ll keep plugging away at it while updating icons, tutorials and help.

I managed to determine why Snapshot and Video recording doesn’t work. I think it’s going to be the most difficult issue I’ve had to resolve in a while. I think I’m going to have to come up with something especially clever 🙂

I just released the daily bug-fix.

Outstanding Issues:

o) Snapshot and Video recording do not work properly

Where can I find the “Double side operation” button?

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The double side operation is one of my additional files – I’ll try and get them all working some time this week with any luck.


Export plugin extension fixed but a bit weird scrolling on the menu 🙂

Still crashing after exporting X3d etc

Unfortunately I’m powerless on how the menu works. That’s the best I could do.

I’ll have another look at exports.

But now I have to re-write texture handling. At least to some extent.


Currently there are “Primary” , “Secondary” and “Translucency Map” textures. This is a pretty big problem for texture handling. I jump through a lot of hoops and it costs lost of texture memory and memory in general to support this.

The best solution is to have “Texture 1”, “Texture 2”, and “Texture 3”. This will be needed in the future anyhow when I provide support for shaders and support Renderman. The modern way is to have “slots”, with the shader defining what it is used for what.

This is a big change, but necessary. I was going to wait until v10.2, but it looks like an update to Windows 10 in November has resulted in problems for 3DC that are quite possibly related to this,

Any comments? It shouldn’t really affect anyone significantly because I don’t think the alpha map is not used much. And the only change to the texture overlay is that the percentage won’t work anymore.

I’m not sure what I can do with “Primary Tex. Alpha Ch”. It might be affected, but I’m not 100% certain yet.

texture changes sound good to me, it brings it into line with other software.

I assume we’re going to need some name changes in the plugins.

Hi Richard

A couple more…

Plugins don’t seem to be checking for group selections, only shapes.

File Menu properties option does nothing.

Yes, plugins that are specific to groups are not sorted in any way. Do they show up if you answer “yes” to “0 to 0 shapes”? Or does that not work?

I just fixed File Properties for the next release.

I haven’t decided about plugins, but I’d like to minimize the effects to existing plugins.

The changes to textures is going really well. Much better than expected. But there are going to be a couple of more betas as a result.

I’ve implemented texture compression in the upcoming beta. I’m not sure what sort of artifacts there may be, but so far I haven’t noticed any. The benefits are pretty dramatic in some cases, especially for people with notebook computers or older graphics cards.

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