Utter frustation with exporting railvehicles

Good to hear that things have improved. You are an ‘early adopter’ and unfortunately that means some stress. Sorry!

It’s possible that your pivot for the bogie is not in the direction they want, but that seems unlikely to me.


Has someone had success with bogies? If so, was the pivot for the bogie around the y axis as I’d expect?

I have made 3 units,a boxcar,flatcar and a tender.I am trying to get them to export in to RailSimulator so I can use in my Canadian route I have made.After many tries at exporting I finally got the boxcar and flat car exported.With the boxcar I can make a consist and move down the track,except the wheels are not turning and the bogie is not pivoting. The flat car when I make a consist and try to move it everything explodes off the track and the engine takes of about 50 mile an hour down the track for aways. the tender I cannot get it to export and it is the simplist one of all. All I get is a blank preview window. I have the heiarchy set up the same for each unit.
I posted in the UK forum about the exploding cars,but all I got was that I did something wrong. That is obvious,what I am trying to do is find out what I have to do to fix the problem..
I might add Io can export them to my msts route with no problem.Don’t know if that is a plus or not…..

Do they all show up in the Asset Editor? If there are any that don’t can you send them to <!– e –><a href="mailto:’support@amabilis.com">’support@amabilis.com</a><!– e –>’?

It’s possible that the wheels/bogie is a naming issue. Can you send that one too? Thanks.

Rail Simulator is simply much harder than MSTS. I’m hoping we can make it easier. It’ all about accumulating and distributing the knowledge we have gained. I’m trying to do that via the Rail Simulator FAQ, but that’s just a start.

Also, if you are using the Train Simulator Wizard, it could be that a texture is not converting properly since there are some bugs. But I think the Asset Editor should warn you about that.

Hi Richard
I did finally get the boxcar and flatcar to show up in the preview window in the asett editor.
The tender I cant get it to show in the preview window,but the name comes up when I open up the Simulator and look under the cars etc,but nothing happens when I click on the name.
I will send the tender along to you. I sure hope we can come up with a solution..

We will get things working. It’s a certainty. It’s just a matter of time and effort.

Thanks Richard for all your time and effort…

Hmmm… I’m not certain I deserve any thanks on this one… it looks like this was entirely my fault.

I’m not certain that I have resolved the problem with the bogie or not, but the wheels were being named incorrectly by the wizard. They were being named similar to bogies, so it could be that Rail Simulator was confused what was a bogie and what was a wheel so refused to turn the bogies correctly.

I managed to load the tender using the Asset Editor just fine (as scenery), so it seems the general export is OK now.

The new version of 3DC that includes this fix is now available: [img:2e5aex0n]http&#58;//amabilis&#46;com/forumattachments/a/tpc/f/5496093974/m/32110325341[/img:2e5aex0n]
3DC Beta

Thank you Richard.
I downloaded the new version of 3DC.It installed ok and I exported the boxcar again that I was having problems with the wheels not turning.The wheels turn now,although not sure if the bogie is pivoting yet.
Going to export the flatcar again and see if I can get it to stop blowing up like a rocket. The tender exported ok as well,but when I hooked it up to an engine it exploded off the tracks as well.This is probably some weird compatability problem with this RailSim program..

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