Hi Pete,

thanks for the tip. In my case I’m working with flat square faces. I Found out that it has something to do with the alpha channel. I was battling around with some new tracks for MSTS and didn’t get the ballast to show up properly. This was always the case when using a selection containig the alpha channel

Hello, I have problems with cropping parts of a texture and applying it to a face. Sometimes, for some reason the cropped part of the texture is rotated by 90 degrees. Althoug the preview in the material menu shows correct orientation. I found no way to avoid this. Other parts out of the same texture do not rotate when applying.
A second, minor thing is that texturing will alter dimensions of the model by (very) small amounts, why?

Maybe it’s the same issue on both questions…

When you apply texture, the faces you select for texturing get andquot;triangulatedandquot;. andnbsp;This means that the face you textured just became more andquot;complicatedandquot; since it now may have many more andquot;facesandquot;.

If you are using the andquot;SIMPLEandquot; face painting from the right-side menu… you will discover that it is not as smart about texture direction. andnbsp;You should be using the texture andquot;paintandquot; operation from the Object Operations menu. (It looks like a small version of the paint can from the EDIT TOOLBAR). It has a much better understanding of direction. andnbsp;Also, sometimes it’s easier to temporarily rotate your model to apply the texture and then rotate it back.

Think of the right-side andnbsp;Edit Toolbar as andnbsp;being there for simple operations…

You might want to look at the andquot;decaling using the unwrap operation tutorialandquot; as it has some really good techniques for adding textures.


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