Space Tutorials

I,ve posted this in the wrong section. Could you move it to the Tips and Tutorials?

Thanks Bazza

If your into anything to do with space modelling and havn’t seen this site take a look
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It must be the best set of tutorials you’ll ever see. Covering many subjects:- starfields,nebula,ship building,lighting and much more.
Although intended for the Lightwave user most of the operations can be carried out with 3DC. Some of the features of Lightwave we havn’t got with 3DC yet but maybe if we make a list of the better ones and Richard takes a look at this site he may be able to include some of them in a future version?
I think many of the tips could be used for projects other than a space theme so it’s worth taking a look whatever you’re modelling.
It would also be nice if anybody using the ideas could post how they converted the Lightwave operations for use with 3DC.

Enjoy. Bazza

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