Solving some of the File size problems

Hi Guy’s

I have a couple of models that won’t load into MSTS, unless
I compress them first with FFEDIT. I think the files are just
to large before the compression with FFEDIT. The largest is
4.98 megabites before compression, and 210K after.

I just think alot of it is MSTS. It sometimes can’t even handle
some of the simplest object’s. I can move things around the
Hierarchy, or group objects, and then that same model will

Anyway, Richard, I’m really loving this 5.0.7 version. Very


Hi all,

I saved a model a few days ago as a 3DC model and it came
out at almost 2.5MB’s in size….so I experimented and came
across a kinda fix….I exported the model as a DirectX save
and then reimported the model into 3DC , then I repainted
the lost images and re-saved as a 3DC model…the model
exported into MSTS at 1/2 the size…I don’t know why…
but all works the same just the file is much smaller.
This might help some that are having trouble getting complex
models with sizes over 2MB’s to work for them in MSTS…
It worked for me.
(Though the model worked fine at 2.5MB’s before the export as DirectX…so it may not fix the MSTS complexity problems)



If you have before and after files (the two 3DC files) I would like to see them to see why they would export differently to MSTS. (<!– e –><a href=""></a><!– e –>) I wouldn’t need the textures-just the files.

A guess: Do you ever andquot;Optimizeandquot; your objects before painting them? It could be there are unnecessary points that are being exported that are not used. This is more likely for parts that were made before 5.0. 5.0 is pretty good at getting rid of unnecessary points.

PS andnbsp;5.0.7 does improve 3DC file size issues.

OK. That makes perfect sense to me. I think that if you Compact the andquot;Beforeandquot; file with version 5.0.7 you should be able to get it to about 1.5 MBs (maybe less). An exported and then re-imported file will always be smaller. Usually about 1/2 to 3/4 the size of a 3DC file that has been compacted.

I would be surprised if it made any difference in the size of the resulting S file.


Hi all,

Actually, after furthur review the file size is only the 3DC file
that was smaller after the DX conversion and then re-save as 3DC file…the MSTS import file size was the same. andnbsp;So not an
improvement in MSTS but the storage and file size of the 3DC document was smaller, only andnbsp;1/16 the non-DX conversion size.

Before DX Conversion 3DC size (4490KB) S file size (1117KB)
After DX Conversion 3DC size (736KB) S file size (1128KB)

If this makes any sense.




I got the two files you sent and compacted them with version 5.0.7.

They file size reduced from 4 MBs to 1 MB. Slightly better than what I would have expected.

Looks like 5.0.7 does what it is supposed to do.


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