Skinned character animation for TS2017

I’ve been unable to get skin deformation to work in TS2017. I’ve used bone skeletons to animate my human character models in 3DC, and can see the textured surfaces deforming (stretching, compressing, bending) correctly when viewing the animation in 3DC itself. The model also seems to export correctly (the exporter doesn’t report any errors and the .igs and .ia files are generated). However, after putting those files into a TS2017 “animated scenery blueprint” and doing the export, it fails with a message from ConvertToGeo.exe (such as “ConvertToGeo.exe exited with exit code 0xC0000005 trying to convert test.IGS or one of its dependencies”). This happens when I use “SkinDiffuse.fx” as the texture shader for the model.

If I use some other shader instead of SkinDiffuse.fx (such as TrainBasicObjectDiffuse.fx), the model does export successfully into TS2017, but the bone-based animation does nothing at all. The only way I’ve managed to animate a character so far is by splitting it up into various physical nodes (for the arms, head, etc.) and moving them individually, in the old-fashioned way (which looks clunky and unnatural).

I’ve no idea where the problem lies, but I’m wondering if anyone else has been more successful with animating characters in Train Simulator.

Oh, I never implemented the skinning for Train Simulator. I saw it in the spec, but quite honestly I never imagined anyone would do it. Actually, I’m not sure I even knew it was usable. It could have been for some other game.

Sorry that you went through all of that for nothing!

That’s a pity 🙁 Bone animation and skin deformation seems like the only way to get anything close to realistic movement for people and animals. Any chance it could be added to a wish list for a future version?

Well… I’m planning to add skeletal animation to the FBX export. Train Sim World still seems to be an unknown, but at some point you should be able to export skeletal animation to it (if it supports it).

That would be very good, but third party developer support for TSW is still a long, long way off (at least that’s my understanding). I’m much more interested in continuing to develop for TS. There’s so much more that can be done for TS, and proper skeletal animation would be a very useful tool for developers such as myself.

I understand. I just don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to work on this, and how much call there is for this feature.

Definitely I need to get FBX, 3MF done first, and maybe STL too.

Also, there is the “draw on polygon” feature that is 90% done that I’d like to get done.

So, I’ll keep it in mind, but it is a bit of a long shot at this point.

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