Selecting the Hard to Select

Good poimt… I found this out by accident and it’s pretty much an andquot;automaticandquot; response when selecting faces…

Thanks for bringing it up… it’s stuff like this that can help someone who is struggling… andnbsp;and I never thought to mention it…

Sometimes when a face is badly deformed or very long compared to its width it can be difficult to select. You try and try to select it but all you get is its edges and points.

Something that I do when I have this problem is I ctrl-select an easy to select face that I don’t want. This gets 3DC in the andquot;Face Selection Modeandquot;. 3DC will then ignore points and edges which usually makes it easy to ctrl-select the difficult to select face. Then you can de-ctrl-select the face you didn’t want.

This also works for points/edges. First get 3DC in the mode you are looking for by ctrl-selecting something you don’t want, ctrl-select what you do want, and de-ctrl-select the original selection.

If above fails, you can select an edge on a neighbouring face, right-click and pick andquot;Select-]Facesandquot;. It will select the neighbour face and the face you want. You can then de-select the neighbour face.


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