Rail Simulator Export and texture files


After succeeded in exporting a model in RS, I realised that the exporter always export to the textures folder of the shape.
But RS can use textures outside a model textures folder.
In other word, a model in MilePost can use a texture in the SpeedSignstextures folder.

Could I suggest that in the Material Attributes Rail Sim Box the default destination folder be mentioned and that we could modify this field to export this parameter in the .igs shape.



Having figured out how to get a 3DC model into Rail SImulator, there is one small issue. The RS Documents advocate using a Textures folder below the folder where the model file (.igs) resides in the Asset Manager. The .igs file produced by 3DC appears to be looking for its textures in the same folder as the model. Is there any way to change this?

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Hmmm… I don’t think that you can, but I can. I guess I can just modify the export to force them into the texture folder below.

I’ll do that. I’m about to release a new version of 3DC anyhow. May as well get that in now.

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