Please help to get a XGL file

I’m new to 3D crafter and just installed the free version. The reason was I’m looking for a 3D modelling
program which can export some technical constructions as XGL files. I need to get that format for
importing it to a CAE program which only accept XGL.
As the free version of 3D crafter does not support exporting XGL I need your help please.

Is there somebody who own the full version and can create some primitives
like a box, a torus or anything else like that and export it as a XGL file
so I can test whether that imports properly into my CAE ?

That would help me to prevent buying the full version if import into the CAE doesnt
work properly.

Sample file should be use metric (mm) units and hasnt to be bigger
than about 20 x 15 x 5mm (i.e. as a rectangle) to fit to the rules I’m using in CAE.

More complicated 3Ds than primitives may also be tested later after
importing primites has been successfull.

If you please would send me such a file as PM I would be very glad.
If sending files as PM isnt possible here, please let me know to give
you my email adress.

Thank you very much for your help.


P.S.: Please excuse my bad school english.

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