Need help animating wheelsets

Can’t get it to work…

Would somebody please check out this thread to help me out?
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Thanks again,

First, I’m running Trainz 2004.
Second, I’m using the latest version of 3DC Pro.
Third, I’m trying to learn basic animation so I can animate the wheels for a train car in Trainz.
Does anyone know of a basic turorial for Dummies on the how-to to making wheels roll properly in Trainz?
I’d like to start creating trucks/bogeys for my rolling stock in Trainz.

Thank you,

If you use the MSTS group naming convention for bogies (Bogie01, Bogie02, wheels11, wheels12 etc) then selecting an object in the bogie group and exporting using the last option in the exporter will automatically generate an anim.kin file for you.
There should be an example wagon export in the timex.htm file in the plugins folder (again part of my plugins install)

For wheels with link rods you need to add the animations in 3DC – again MSTS Tutorials on the amabilis site will give some clues here.
Just select the animated groups export which will save user created animations as anim.kin files.

Wait a minute, please…
Are you saying that all I have to do is make two flat discs with an axle between them then export them properly and they will work???

Shocked and confused,

I’ve worked on Dozens of models for MSTS and TRAINZ and the only time I ever had to do the animation by hand was when I created the bogie model in GMAX start to finish.

3DC has always taken care of this detail for me. Doing it manually in GMAX was truly a chore.

I’ve never learned to animate in 3DC but then I’ve never had to because of the MSTS plugin which is truly an invaluable tool as far as animating bogies is concerned.

Just be sure to adhere rigidly to the MSTS hierarchy for bogies and you can’t go wrong.

Oh my oh my…
I’ll surely have to give this a try.

Still shocked!!!


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