My second wish for script or instruction!!

This is probably a question you should pose at a forum for the particular language you are using to create your game with.


Hello again, this is my second very important question for me.

Lets say I was making a fighting game. Every character needs at least two costumes. You have 300 animations worth of moves ect and you want to change the pysical properties of the model, but keep all of the existing animations so you don’t have to do them again!! How would you do this, where you could state all of the animations you want to change at the same time but only edit one of them! This is not about skinning! I mainly want very different costumes, not just skin changes!! Please somebody help!!

The only thing that I can think of is to have multiple copies of your model. Or change clothing etc. within your program.


But I can’t program!! I need this for a fighting game I want to make!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… andnbsp;:'(

I think that if you would do it, it would really boost the popularity of your program for game making (the model part)

So please…

To be honest, I don’t know how this would help you for a game since there is no way to export this information from 3DC without writing a new export format.

I personally think that it ought to be done via the game itself.


Sounds like a good excercise for someone who wants to learn scripting/programming.


But the only problem with that is that you would have to re-costume the SAME model 300 times to have all of the different animations!!!!!!!! That’s why you would have a sub-program called andquot;3d costumeandquot; or andquot;3d costvasandquot; or something like that, that would take ONE of the animations that you could re-model, and then it would change ALL the models in the folder ect to the new costume, but would retain all of the seperate animation data in the seperate files. I hope I have explained it better this time. Believe me it is essencail to games and sometimes even movies!!

Shouldn’t plain old .x format do?

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