Mind of it’s own — window sizes

AHA! (I have no fear of the registry)

I only wacked the XYZVIEW settings… there were a bunch at the bottom of the list. Left everything else alone…

Bingo… That was it! For some reason, those settings are getting slammed when I import an old file… but only when I save in new format.. up till then, it’s ok.

Any clue why this happens? andnbsp;I’m not setting my window sizes this way… andnbsp;I want them all equal except for the top window.

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I think this is down to 3dc remembering how you have set up your views in the past – just drag the windows to the sizes you want and next time you select this view they should be as you left them.

That’s what I thought too, but it’s very persistent and refuses to be corrected… andnbsp; ???

Yes, there is definitely something wrong. I’ll add it to my list for the Beta.


??? appears to be ok on mine…..

I have noticed this too. andnbsp;:P

This is fixed for the 6.1 Beta which should be available soon.


Cool, I assume it could be reproduced then… heck, I don’t even know how it happened.

I almost had it andnbsp;:)

If you have three views in the bottom section of the window the right divider does not restore to the correct position.

I am certain I have it this time. I tried a few dozen possible combinations of positions and they all restored properly.


Nope… Still happens

Ok, good… I TRY to set them back to default in that view… but it has no effect next time I start up open a new blank 3DC.

I meant to say that I have fixed this for 6.5a.


Yes, you do… It works in 6.51! Whoo Hoo!

Well, it’s fixed, but can come back…

everything was fine, till I opened an old 5.7a Model… I saved it at 6.5 model and BLAM… the layout I was using went bonkers… and I ended up with this…

FYI: I always leave my mini window sizes alone…

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All other screens were left alone… and they are OK

Please tell the there is way to get back to default… that’s all I want.

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