Maybe Something I've Missed

Is it possible to add Millimeters to the sizing of objects so that porting them into 3D printer software makes it easy to convert objects for use? I know we can do the math for CM to MM sizing but it would be so simple to have MM already an option.
Also I have been looking for the way to set objects in 3DC with a simple text entry of the position so that we can easily manipulate objects from the default or placed starting positions to a new position with just a text entry for the X.Y.Z. position….or did I miss this in the tutorials?


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Figured it out for the Position settings, but the Millimeters would still be nice to have….thanks

I’m going to have to look at this in detail since I am going to be actively supporting 3D Printing.

I’m thinking 3D printing materials could be a custom material field. I’m hesitant to make changes to the 3DC file because I like being able to move files from version 10 to version 9 if needed. But maybe I’ll have to break that. Hopefully not.

Paul already gave me quite a few suggestions on this topic.

Anyone else have any specific suggestions?

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