I have a technical question for Paul or someone.

Thanks, Paul, I’ll pass it on…

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I’ve been asked the following question on the TRS’04 forums and I don’t know how to answer it correctly.
Could one of you please answer this so I may ‘carry’ it back to John?
The question is directed at the 3DC Pro application.

[b:3hpfl7mt]Any news about an XML exporter that would work with the Auran XML importer?

Does it handle these new normal or bump maps that Auran seem to think are essential for TRS2009?

Thanks John [/b:3hpfl7mt]

Thanks, guys…

The Trainz exporter already handles bump maps and environment maps.

The current version of the Auran xml importer exports the same .im file as used by all current TRS versions so there is no need to change.
As soon as I get around to it (when there is a need to move to TRS2009) I’ll get the XML export working.

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