How to move, resize and place bones

That and why is it that when I try to lengthin the lowest back bone of a skeleton, the hip and lower bones move to the top of the lowest back bone. Is there a way to prevent this or a way that I can move the hip and lower bones back to the bottom of the back lower bone?


I am trying to do this tutorial, and have found my self stuck at the point where the skeleton is in front of the example character image and now all I need to do at the moment is resize the bones before I fit it into the character image.

The problem I am having is that when in front view, and I try to move the femur bone (hip to knee bone), its like i can only move it with predetermined angles while using version 8.2.

I have tried to select the bone and drag it to where I want, and have tried using the Edit Control, both with the same results.

I also tried moving the knee to foot bone expecting to get a favorable ‘hinge’ affect but when I move that bone, it moves the whole leg as a straight object(not bendable).

Am I to set the hips, even if they protrude from the body of the blue character, and work with the bone structure that way?

Also, when resizing the bones, I can’t seem to find the right tool to tell me the length of each bone so I can try to keep him symetrical.

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