How to make Textures?

Ok, sorry I missed that..if you disable the translucancy channel in 3dc as described this should work ok.

However I don’t use Trainz so maybe Paul or someone else who uses Trainz can help you with this problem.


I have been having trouble trying to texture models in 3DC pro the textures keep showing up transparent no matter what I do.
The type of files I must use are TGA. I have been using Paintshop Pro to make them.

Tga and Png files both carry an alpha channel so you can make certain areas of the image translusant/invisible.
you can dissable this channel in 3DC…See the attached pic…click the transulancy tab then the cross below it and apply the texture.

The tree texture on the left is applied using a .png texture with it’s alpha channel enabled, on the right it’s applied as a .bmp texture.

I only use .png and .tga when an alpha channel is needed….most of my textures are applied as .bmp.

Just load your .tga file into PSP then save it as a .bmp file and apply that…
Unless you need the .tga file for some reason don’t use it because every time you re-load the texture to use it again it you will need to dissable the translucancy channel..This can become a drag.

You don’t have to just use the .bmp file format…any format that dosen’t carry an alpha channel will do for your main textures….jpegs etc but be careful with jpegs, you can loose quite a bit of detail depending on the compression that is set when you save the file.


I have to use TGA files account I am exporting to trainz railroad simulator and it only reads .TGA files.

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