FBX for Train Sim World (3DC 9 & 3DC 10)

Hi Paul,

Whoops! Fixed.

I wonder how many hundred people clicked that and got nothing? Ack!


Hi Richard, sorry I wasn’t able to retest this until now. Anyway, here’s where I’ve got to …

Today I downloaded 3DC 9.5 Build 1693 together with the extensions. I installed 3DC first and started it up, but it came up as the freeware edition. I re-entered my code and restarted 3DC so that it came up as the Pro edition. Then I closed it and installed the extensions. However, when I started 3DC, loaded up a model and tried to export it to FBX, I couldn’t see the FBX option in the list.

Oh, I don’t understand that at all. I tested that so many times. Maybe the extensions installed into the wrong folder for some reason.

I’ll wipe a computer and install Windows fresh, and test it out.

Sorry, I was 100% certain it worked.

Looking in the folder C:\Users\Mike\Documents\3DCrafter 9.5\Extensions, the file AutodeskFBXExt.tlb has been created. Is that all there should be in there?

I’ve tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling it, but the result is the same.

Did you install the version from the bottom of the downloads page? It is an exe and it installs c++ for Visual Studio 2017 before doing the actual install.

(Oh, I just downloaded both onto a fresh and install and all went well)

Yes, that’s the one I installed. Is there anything I can examine in the Windows Registry?

I’m stumped. I have no idea. I’ll have to sleep on it I think.

So, there’s nothing in that folder in “C:\Users\Mike\Documents\3DCrafter 9.5\Extensions” except the one tlb file?

Unfortunately, I can’t look at it just now … my son’s home from uni and I have to share the PC with him. I’ll have another look at it later tonight when he’s gone to bed.

These are the files in C:\Users\Mike\Documents\3DCrafter 9.5\Extensions:


That all looks right.

Here’s what I’d do:

1) Uninstall the extensions ONLY
2) Delete the entire 3DCrafter 9.5 folder in My Documents
3) Run 3DCrafter 9.5
4) reinstall the extensions
5) Run 3DCrafter 9.5 and try the exporter

At least if we do this we know there aren’t any files in that folder that could be causing the failure.

Was this Windows 10?

I just released a new version of the extensions (on the downloads page). I don’t know if they will make a difference or not, but maybe. I’d still do the procedure above, just with the new version.

Hurray! That procedure (or the updated extensions) fixed it – I can see fbx in the export options now.

Yes, Windows 10.

Now to try exporting a model …

It works beautifully! Thanks very much for making this exporter Richard!

I hope we find out more about how to use material properties in TSW, to recreate effects such as the cast iron “sand dimple” I got using bump mapping, but for now, the models render clearly and the texture mapping is fine.

Great job!

You’re welcome! 🙂

Happy to have helped.

Yes, there’s lots to figure out. You’ve probably seen this: amabilis.com/forums/topic/train-simulator-to-train-sim-world-converter/

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