FBX for Train Sim World (3DC 9 & 3DC 10)

Thanks! And happy belated Canada Day!

Here’s my first attempt at exporting a train. (Viewed in View3D, which is now part of Windows)

Fantastic progress!

Thanks! Here’s another one. Looks like it is just texture coordinates and animation left to do in FBX Exporter 1.0.

Just animation left. I’ll try to get an installer ready for 9.5 tomorrow.

It’s almost there! I’m looking forward to seeing how Jupiter looks in FBX format. The only thing I’m not sure about is what will happen to the texturing effects that rely heavily on the TS fx shaders (such as the bump-mapping and specular shine).

Yeah, there’s so much unknown right now. Relating to this, do you mind if I contact you directly? I should have your email address from the forum.

Yes, you can email me directly, no problem! You can also pm me through my Facebook page … https://www.facebook.com/Smokebox-132794016882582/

Great. Thanks.

I guess it’s pretty much done. Animation is exported and it seems correct. I tested it with the Autodesk FBX Review. I confirmed a bug in the viewer. (they are trying to interpolate eulers rather than converting to quaternions). I believe all will fine in a game.

I’ll get to work on an installer. With luck I should have it done sometime today.

The installer is done and tested. Though, as always there’s a chance it might fail out in the wild. So, release day for 9.5 Beta 3 and the extensions is either today or tomorrow.

Thanks, I’m going to try it out now!

I’m really curious to know how it went. But maybe I don’t need to say that 🙂

I think I must’ve missed something. I installed 9.5 build 1685, loaded up a model, selected all the parts and went to File > Export, but I can’t see an option for FBX format. Did I install the wrong version?

Oh, you need to install the 3DCrafter Extensions. These are the features common to 9 & 10.


They should install directly into your “my documents\3DCrafter 9.5\extensions” folder.

They might have to be installed after 3DC9 is run once.

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