Error 339 3dctutorial9.ocx

When I try to open this in version 9.3 I get this message “Run-time error 339 Component 3DCTutorial9.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. Any help would be appreciated.

Is this the tutorial viewer? If so, the next update will include an updated version that should work correctly.

Sorry Richard getting this error now in Windows 10

For information only but as I was the originator of this thread with the error once I updated my 3DCrafter to 9.3 (1613 build) and the error did not recur under windows 7 and I’m still free of this error under Windows 10.

Umm. I’ve got a new clean install of
Windows 10 64bit with new shiny version of 3DCrafter 1591 Pro version but do have the problem. I wonder if you have a file somewhere that is making it work?

I had exactly the same build number and exactly the same error running build 1591 on Windows 7 64bit, hence this thread. I then updated my version to build 1613 when it was released and the error was fixed. The latest build is 1620 (available above under downloads and released in Jan 2015) and this also works on Windows 10.

Thanks – I have updated and thought this was the latest release I will go and look again.

Re-downloaded again and re-installed this time it is 1620 and all is working fine – thanks

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