Disappearing Interiors

In the end the solution turned out to be very simple. I had the widows as a separate child group of the exterior of the coach (which was ‘main’). Once I merged the windows with the exterior part, the interior stopped appearing and disappearing.


I have recently noticed that when viewed from certain angles, the interior of my coaches (seats and interior walls) disappears both in 3DC and in RS. Is there an explanation for this strange behaviour? The windows have a BlendATexDiff shader and the interiors Tex shaders as recommended in the RS documents. I have experimented with different values in the Transparency slot (0 to 5) but this has no effect. The two 3DC screen shots show the effect with a box I placed inside the carriage. The exterior is the ‘Main’ and the windows, interior and seats are all ‘children’ of Main. I tried merging the interior and the seats but this did not work either. Advice on how to deal with this problem would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, I am still having a problem with the coach interiors disappearing when viewed from certain acute angles or close-up. Any advice on how to resolve this would be appreciated as it is frustrating to be stuck on what I am sure is a minor problem.


Texture changes at accute angles are due to mipmaps obscuring the alpha channel.

Try using the _nm fix for windows in the RailSim FAQ thread or use the MipMap LOD Bias fix (or a combination of both)

Hopefully I’ll have a fixing program for IGS files at some point.

I am already using the -nm suffix for the windows texture. In fact the texture I am using is the windows texture for the default mk3 coaches (renamed).

But what is the MipMap LOD Bias fix? I did a search for this in the discussion forum and got no result.


There’s some info here:

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Look at the MipFilter fix too.

I may provide a program that helps to patch up IGS files with these values at some point.

One more small thing – the developer docs say the suffix should be _nm, not -nm although I don’t expect that is causing the main problem

Sorry, that was a typing error on my part. The suffix is _nm.

I tried the various fixes, but no joy, interiors still disappear. As I indicated in the initial post this is also occurring in 3DC as shown by the screen-shot so it is not surprising that it continues to occur after export to RS. The box in the coach is visible in 3DC from certain angles, but disappears when I move closer to the coach.


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