Can 3DCrafter Exprot to both MSTS and Trainz?

I am a veteran modeller and make models for both Trainz and MS Train Sim and am interested in the potential of moving my work to 3Dcrafter Pro. Can anyone here confirm that it can indeed, as I have heard, export to both MSTS and Trainz? I saw mention of both in the products page but hoped for more confirmation before making the commitment. thank you for any info

I believe so, yes. It is supposed to, and I haven’t received any complaints that it doesn’t.

OK thank you very much. I am studying it with a older version as i still use XP SP3 as my main system so I suspect i wont be able to use the Pro which demands at least Vista.

Is there a thread here that allows us to download 7.1.2? A friend of mine gave me the source files for a figure he created in that version and the free ware version of the old program I have is 7.1.0

You can download it here:

And, if you purchase a version 9 Pro license I can email you license code that will work with version 7.

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