Back after a long absence – no longer works the same

Since I was most familiar with version 7.120, I just re-installed 7.120 and worked on a model I started in 2002 to update it to be higher poly.

My OS is now Windows 7 64Bit.

and… everything works (sort of). I create the model with has 2 small items that rely in Alpha channel. They show up perfectly well in the modeler as alpha and the produced ACE file shows that it has an alpha channel… but the exported model treats the texture as Non-alpha and I’m at my wits end.

I can find no solution since this always worked just fine in XP.

And by the way,, this has to be possibly the worst forum software ever… 🙁

Is the model for MSTS or Railworks? Also, when you installed 7.120, did you install into Program Files (x86)? I was having issues with v8 on Win7 64, and when I installed it outside of Program Files (x86), it seemed to help. Also, if the model is for Railworks, try pinging PapaExpress over at RWA. I’m using v9 right now for Railworks models, and it seems to work fine, but none of the models to date have used an alpha channel for transparency. Hope this helps.

Howard (cnwfan on RWA)

Yeah. That makes no difference. Tried with 9.3… same again.

Must agree 100% about being the worst software forum ever

Heh. Crafter is dead on my machine. After I installed v10 it never worked correctly again. I haven’t bothered investigating further and move on to Blender… and yes I did pay for v10.

I had problems with v9 and v10 being on the same machine… especially when it came to the plugins. Had a plugin that didn’t work in v9, but worked in v10. Tried installing an updated v9 plugin set, and it wouldn’t let me install it. Kept getting an error message saying a newer version had been installed. It seems the installer was thinking the v10 plugins were a newer version of the v9 plugins.

Anyways, I finally got everything working again by uninstalling all versions of Crafter, and removing every trace of Crafter from the registry. Reinstalled v9, including the latest plugins, and everything works again… including the v9 plugin that wasn’t working prior. It seems with my installation, the different versions of Crafter were conflicting with each other.

If you want to try one last ditch effort, maybe a complete removal and cleanup of all versions might get things working again for you.


I will attempt on more time when v10 is released.

I am not sure if the feature set as it stands will pull me away from Blender though.

PapaXpress I’m inclined to just give up and go to Blender myself.

I’ve tried older versions and the latest 9.3 release… I’ve used a freshly built XP machine and my daily driver windows 7 x64 and nothing I do will make the Alpha channels work on export.

Older models that I produced before upgrading to Win 7 still export alpha correctly… my newest model refuses to behave. I took a long break and now I just don’t have the patience to stick with this software even though I had loved it since the 5.7 days. With sadness… I move on to other options.

Finally got it figured out…

If you don’t mind me asking, what was the fix? Just in case someone else runs into the same problem. Thanks!


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