Apply ‘decals’ in POVray (By David Bollinger)

Apply andquot;decalsandquot; in POVray

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andnbsp; By David Bollinger on Saturday, March 17, 2001 – 12:25 pm: andnbsp;

I have in mind using 3DC to create an object, then POV to do the final texturing and scene prep. 3DC can do what it does best, model, and POVray can do what it does best, render.

I wanted to be able to (for example) create a large fuel tank, painted red, with a black andquot;FUEL – NO SMOKINGandquot; stenciled on one side. I accomplished it, and here’s how:

Create the object in 3DC. Use the face selection tool to select a rectangular group of faces on the side of the tank where you want the andquot;decalandquot; to be. Apply a texture, any texture, to the selected faces. Export the file to .pov

In the .pov file, you will find a texture reference for the image_map, with a file name. Prepare your decal using software like Photoshop that will let you create paletted PNG files. Make your background white, then add whatever lettering you want, in black. Change the pov syntax to the new file name (see POV documentation) and add transmit 0,1 That should make the white background transparent.

The lettering will appear to float in space, since the *only* coloring for those faces is the image file. Add a texture layer, under the image map and color/texture it as the surroundings are. Poof! Your lettering will appear painted onto the original surface.

Take care, Dave

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