another dx9 issue

I’m downloading the driver as we speak. I’ll let you know what I find out.


I had to reinstall w2k professional on a new disk off the shelf.
I did, applied latest patches, dx9, mediaplayer9, installed winzip, acrobat reader, trainsimulator in that order and wanted to install 3DC 6.024.
Installation works fine, but on first start the system crashes into reboot while testing first or second perspective view.

I’m using ati radeon 9500pro latest drivers as I did on the system before. I read in the old dx9 thread something about xframed.ocx, it resides in winntsystem32 not in one of the amabilis folders. Crosschecked that with an old ‘grown’ running system on w2k latest patches etc, but ati rage-x graphics card.
xframes.ocx definitly resides in system32 and the old system runs with dx9, the fresh installed system does not.
I tested several screen resolutions and color depth down to 1024x768x16 agp2x , no success.
Any hints very much appreciated

I believe ATI radeon accelerator cards not to be uncommon in these days….

Absolutely. I use one myself. This is a known bug in older ATI drivers. Download the latest Radeon drivers and it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.


Problem solved by workaround.

I disabled 3d Hardwareacceleration in the control panel, ran 3DC for the first time after installation, completed the test passes succesfully and rectivated the 3d acceleration. For the basic tasks i did so far it seems to work but I believe this to be a strange behavoir.

The workaround only helps to the first exit on 3DC.
Exiting either by X or menu crashes the PC immediatly. There is no difference if 3dHal or compatible mode is selected. The only way out is to disable the 3D functions of the Hardwareaccelerator in the control panel.
That is surely not the way a 3D accelerator card is intended to be used for.

PS to Richard: I believe ATI radeon accelerator cards not to be uncommon in these days….

The older driver of 06.02.2003 seems to cause no problems. Maybe something for the FAQ List

Driver of 09.11.2003

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