another 3d canvas forum

well we have succeeded on a small scale on getting the 3dc forum at back to moving but we still need the rest of you guys and gals to step up…the more of us that go over and help out the faster we can complete this mission..right now i would like to thank: butterpaw and spotaru for their contribution..thanks, pirate

there is another 3dc forum at the dark basic website some of the members over there want to remove it from their forum. i don’t want it to go. i would like to ask if some or all of you would like to join up and get a little traffic on this forum so we can keep it….if this is too much to ask i understand but i will continue to try to keep it open…i think 3DC is the best 3d software for the price and would like to see it keep growing..
thanks for your support, pirate

heh heh … I will!

(aargh) XD

thanks, butterpaw your alright…if you can try to throw a few questions over that way…lets keep’em busy…
thanks a lot, pirate

i just wanted to say that our involvement in this other forum could possibly increase sales of 3DC..more money means better product for us…everybody get involved and promote 3dc
thanks again, pirate

Hi guys,
You can count me in. I have a few post on that forum. I’m a 3DC/DBP user. Love both programs!

hey spotaru,
its good to see another dbp user here. thanks for your participation…what kind of games are you working on?….
i love both programs too, pirate

Ahoy pirate,
I’m just working on some tech demos at the moment. I’ve spent the last couple of months learning to write shaders. I am a pretty good modeler with 3DC. I’m currently working on some characters but I’m not very good at riggging and animating yet.

damn, learn to write shaders in a couple of would take me a couple of years..sometimes i wake up in the morning and have to start all over to figure out what the hell i was trying to program…good to see ya workin’ keep it up..
later, pirate

I said I’ve been learning, not have learned. It’s really not that hard once you start to understand how they work. I use FX Composer and DarkShader. I have written a few but I am far from being really good at it. I’m a better modeler than a programer.

i don’t have dark shader yet, i want to get dark a.i. first and dark physix…i suck at programming and modelling but that means if i learn to do one thing more in eighther one i’ve just got better..when your the worst, you can only get better…i do have one game i’ve been working on for about a year now with about 8,000 lines of plays pretty good but still needs a lot of work to perfect it..every time i fix one thing three more go wrong…
keep working, pirate

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