Animating Wipers

Thanks, I will see if I can replicate that. I am currently on vacation so it will have to wait to September.

I need to animate a pair of wipers where the windscreen is at a slope of approx 60 degrees from top to bottom and is convex when viewed from the outside from left to right. Unfortunately, the tutorial on wiper animation describes animation in a situation where the windscreen is at a 90degree angle which is fairly straightforward and therefore moves in a constant plane. Any suggestions as to how to achieve a smooth movement in such a situation? (My efforts have resulted in a very jerky movement, with the wipers moving away from the glasss screen).


This worked for me in a test. I set the windscreen to the desired angle(X) and slope(Y). I then set the axis of the wiper to the desired pivot point, using the shift tool. Then I set the X,Y axes of the wiper to match the X,Y axes of the windscreen, using the properties panel. Then I moved the wiper into place against the windscreen, rotated it to the starting point by changing Z in the properties panel and animated it the same way. (By changing Z in the properties panel for each animation key. Be sure not the normalize the axis of the wiper.) Hope this helps.

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