Added plugins to my tutorial

There were a couple of reasons they were renamed. Yes, key-frame and frame were confusing. And also andquot;frameandquot; just doesn’t mean anything to new users. Where andquot;groupandquot; does. Also, I did implement some andquot;groupandquot; features for this version. It still doesn’t work exactly as people familiar with 2D grouping but it is more like it.

Did you mean that you would like some way of finding an object based on its unique identifier? There is no direct route, but you can run through the list of objects checking IDs till you find the one you want.


G’day anyone interested

I’ve added a couple of chapters to my tutorial pages. andnbsp;

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One describes the Swarm thing done on an idea of Les Ps. andnbsp;I’ll update the pictures when the new Povray comes out.

The last chapter is now about making a plugin from it. andnbsp;The plugin isn’t all that useful yet (maybe) but it shows how to use the NameIt code shipped with 3DC to select an object to work on. andnbsp;And it’s part of the way to something else I’m trying to do.

Richard, could you confirm this? andnbsp;The GetID returns object numbers starting from 1 – that is GetObject(0) will return the object whose ID is 1?


From looking at the code it looks like the ID could be any number and not necessarily in any particular order. But the number is unique.

Thanks for all of the tutorials. Very neat. I should mention that I don’t see any of the pictures. They all show up as red x’s.

Also, I have updated my web site to indicate that an update has occured.

Thanks again,


Whoops the image should work now. andnbsp;It was only a screen
capture of a VB form. andnbsp;html trubbles you know.

You do get the other pictures don’t you? andnbsp;Or do you get none?


ok need to investigate GetId

are you using Netscape? andnbsp;I andnbsp;get the xs with that, but is ok in MSExplorer. andnbsp;Haven’t checked it with others.


There are lots that I don’t see. I had a look at one of them and its path was andquot;file:///c:/html/fcp/3DC/snailshell.gifandquot;

So, I think this is a andquot;relative pathandquot; issue. Or at least that’s my guess.


No worries about the change. andnbsp;A search and replace on a whole directory fixed things for me <!– s:-) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile" /><!– s:-) –> Was it just to disambiguate the frames as boxesfrom animation frames?

I’ve fixed the bug in my plugin and redone the page, as well as fixed the references to my hard disk (I hope). andnbsp;There may well be some pictures up soon.

The trick is to get an object when the reference you have to is it’s GetID number, not the index in the database.



I believe that I have checked all of my examples etc. They all compile and appear to work.

I felt that I had to change the API to match 3DC. Sorry!


yes it’s a path issue. andnbsp;Some browsers guess too much when they read online…

The other issue of Get ID is a bug in my program that works sometimes… andnbsp;I think I’ve fixed it. andnbsp;I have to update them all for the Group/Frame thing. andnbsp;I’ve done a global replace on the files in my directory, and most scripts seem to work again. andnbsp;Haven’t checked them all though. andnbsp;Did you check your samples?


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