3DC crashes after scaling 2D faces


Thanks for the report. I’ll add it to my list.

Just curious, was there a specific reason you were scaling by 0?


I have 3DC 4.22. After I use andquot;Create Faceandquot; command and try to use andquot;Scaleandquot; or andquot;Scale Toandquot; command, 3DC crashes if the andquot;Zandquot; coordinate is set to andquot;0andquot;. Jeffrey.

I was not sure if I have to set the andquot;Zandquot; coordinate to andquot;0andquot; when I use the andquot;Scaleandquot; and andquot;Scale toandquot; commands on 2D faces. Jeffrey.

OK. I understand now. That makes sense. You want it to continue to be 0 depth. I think that will happen regardless of the setting since 0x1=0.


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