3D Crafter Pluse vs 3D Crafter PRO?

What is the difference between the two versions? Can I use 3D Crafter Plus to make models for RailWorks Train Simulator?


3D Crafter Plus no longer exists. The free version works for creating models for RailWorks Train Simulator. The Pro version has a few additional features that are helpful, but not required.

Thanks Richard,

When did Amablilis stop 3D Crafter Plus? I made the purchase on June 3, 2017. Seems I got screwed! For $20 more I could have had the Pro version that would work with Railworks modeling!

Oh, you should have got a free upgrade to Pro. If not, let me know.

(I’m talking about 3D Crafter 10. In 3D Crafter 9.5 you would still be “plus”)

Thanks Richard,

I did not receive any notification of a free upgrade. Between the time that I read your first response and the second, I had written an email to “Assistance” at Ambabilis, requesting an upgrade.

Thanks for your response to my reply.


Sorry, I mentioned the free upgrade somewhere, but I’m not super good at “communicating” (I’m working on it), so I’m sure many people missed that.

Hello Richard,

Can you email me a Link to the free download of version 10 of 3D Crafter Pro? The only link that I see on line is for the purchase.


The windows store version is free to download. Then just go to the help menu to enter your license code.

OK, downloaded and installed version 10.3, free version. No link found to enter code to register for pro version. Click on PRO link and asks for credit card info. Clicked on “help” link. Taken to “REDIT” page, but didn’t find anything to link me to registering the program.


Sorry for the confusion I must’ve had the links messed up.

It sounds like you downloaded 3D Creator, which is not 3D Crafter. Here’s a direct link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/store/p/3d-crafter/9ppt3zf86fjq?rtc=1

I’ve removed all references to 3D Creator from the website so there won’t be any future confusion.

Thank you Richard,

Sorry to have been such a pain. Thank you for your attention and help.
All is well now. Every thing worked out fine. Now to learn how to use this program.


No problem.


I have a question about the Microsoft Store link for downloading 3DCrafter. The column for the Windows 10 version indicates that it is version 10.2 of 3DCrafter. When I click on it I t get the notice that it is already installed. When I open the program on my computer it indicates that I have version 9.5. How do I get the latest version of the program?



Is there only one link on your Start menu to 3D Crafter? The link to 9.5 should say “3DCrafter 9” and to 10.2 should say “3D_Crafter”. (note the space between 3D and Crafter).

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