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Announcement FBX for Train Sim World (3DC 9 & 3DC 10)

started by Richard (amabilis) in Dovetail Games Train Sim World/Train Simulator/RailWorks/Rail Simulator

60 Richard (amabilis)
Resolved 3D Crafter Pluse vs 3D Crafter PRO?

started by davedingler

14 davedingler
Not Support Can you use the Bake operation on models for Train Simulator

started by sean53uk

4 PaulGausden
Not Support Radeon with 3D Crafter

started by Richard (amabilis)

1 Richard (amabilis)
Not Support Skinned character animation for TS2017

started by Spudinsky

6 Richard (amabilis)
Not Resolved Maybe Something I've Missed

started by controll

3 Richard (amabilis)
Announcement 3D Crafter 10.2 Underway

started by Richard (amabilis)

17 Richard (amabilis)
Not Support Front facing

started by NorthLincs

4 NorthLincs
Not Support Need Help Deleting an Edge

started by daylightrain

3 Richard (amabilis)
Not Support Capicom 2

started by NorthLincs

3 Richard (amabilis)
Not Resolved Freeware will not load on W7-64

started by Mvision

1 Mvision
Not Support How to export RIB witht he "Display" command

started by docdj

2 docdj
Not Support Paint & Adjust Problems

started by acorncomputer

Not Support Can't drag and drop primitives

started by NorthLincs

8 NorthLincs
Announcement 3DCrafter 10.1 Alpha 1 Available

started by Richard (amabilis)

24 spontin
Not Support Does this support dynamic movement and gear creation?

started by pschexy94

1 pschexy94

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