v10 continues

Things are getting closer with v10. I’m happy with the new interface. I think it simplifies things for novices, reduces mouse movement, and provides larger work areas. There’s still a lot to be done, but it shouldn’t be very long until there is a fully functioning beta available.

Missed A Deadline

The schedule I made for myself for version 10 of 3DCrafter was pretty tight, and I didn’t quite make it. Hopefully there willl be a beta release in the next few days.

v10 First Run

Had some good success today. I saw v10 running in the new environment. It’s still really primitive, but I think it should start coming together fairly quickly.

Input Needed

A while back I wrote a “toy” block modelling program. At this point I’m trying to decide on what aspects of it I like for 3DC 10. More information is here

What do people want from 3DCrafter 10? What do I want?

It’s really tricky for me to know what direction to go with 3DC10. I don’t know what people use 3DC for, or what they want it to do. A sampling in the forums doesn’t tell me either. Sometimes the most active users are the people who post the least. I’ve been struggling how to create a “minimalistic and simple” modelling program, yet still provide the things that current users need for what they do. These two things seem polar opposites. I’d say all of the “code” for 3DC10 is essentially done. I just need to decide on an interface.

Materials In Progress

I’ve been humming and hawing about 3DCrafter 10, and have decided to make it mostly about materials and rendering. The goal is an October release.

3DC 10 Progress – New File Format

Lately I’ve been working on potential new file formats for 3DC 10. 3DC uses a database of modelling transactions, which I call “layers”. Since absolutely everything under the surface is changing with 3DC 10, so will the database software I use to store this information. I’ve decided on using Microsoft’s Extensible Storage Engine. The beauty of it is its automatic crash recovery. Each layer application will be a transaction on the database and if Windows or 3DC crashes in the middle of an operation, the database will be unaffected. It’s pretty nifty actually. And, it happens to be about 10x […]

Record Month for amabilis.com

January was a record month for amabilis.com. Page views were nearly double what they averaged three years ago, which is the earliest statistic I have.

3DC and Windows 10

I just installed Windows 10 and all is looking good. I haven’t come across any problems with 3DC 9. Hopefully 3DC 10 will be out not too long after Windows 10 officially arrives.