3D Crafter 10.2 in Certification

3D Crafter 10.2 is in certification at the Microsoft Store. With luck it will be available Friday. This version includes a much simpler interface for beginners, and draw-able primitives.

Primitive Drawing

I’m busy finishing up “primitive drawing” which will be an alternative way of getting primitives into a scene. It’s pretty handy since you can draw primitives on the sides of shapes and the primitive is oriented appropriately. It should be available in about a week.

Improved Undo/Redo Coming

I’m working on improving the Undo/Redo. The goal is to allow operation settings to be updated and then be undone/redone. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I just couldn’t figure out how to do it. But I think I have it now. It should be a matter of a few days. And with it will come some bug fixes.

3D Crafter 10

A few bug fixes to 3D Crafter 10 today, plus documentation updates. I’m feeling good about it. I think it is pretty solid. Worth a download 😉

Updating Tutorials

The good thing about updating the tutorials was that it touched most of the features of 3DCrafter. I managed to find and fix a few bugs as a result. But other than that it was pretty unpleasant. On to the help file…

Texture Cropping for 4K and 1080p

I just made a small change to support texture cropping on 4K monitors. So, if you have a 2048 x 2048 texture you can crop it at full size on a 4K monitor. Also, I improved the shape of the window for 1080p monitors.

November 14th

At long last on November 14th 3DCrafter 10 (Classic) will be officially released. There won’t be a beta period since I’m at least as confident about this version 10 as I am about version 9.5. I am down to one last feature and updating the documentation/tutorials. (I should mention that it might take a few days to make it through Microsoft’s approval process – so it might be the 17th in practice)

3DCrafter 10 Classic Update

I’m very happy to say that the new navigation-control/edit-control free features of 3DCrafter 10 Classic are complete. Also, the related snapping and alignment features are complete. This was the main thing that was holding up the release of 3DCrafter 10 Classic. So, it won’t be long now until there is an official 3DCrafter 10 (Classic).