Wiper animation: A shape disappears according the view angle


I have attached the image of how the wiper is declared in 3DC. The image shows the axis system of 2 shapes: EssuieGlaceBarreBR01 and EssuieGlaceBarreBR02 (the shapes pointed by an arrow).
The shape named EssuieGlaceBarreBR01 (lower arrow in the image ; grey shape) may not be displayed according the viewing angle in the ingame cab.

This sounds like a pivot problem.
However I don’t see what to change as both axis systems for EssuieGlaceBarreBR01 and EssuieGlaceBarreBR02 are close to each other.
So as EssuieGlaceBarreBR02 and all its subparts in the hierarchy (upper arrow in the image ; black shape) are displayed properly ingame, why is EssuieGlaceBarreBR01 not displayed from some viewing angle?

Thanks in advance for any idea on this.

Solved by moving group 1_0064_wiper01_*-part02 under 1_0064_wiper01_*-part01 and recreating the animation fir the corresponding shape..

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